Introducing the New Fivestars Dashboard

New Fivestars Dashboard

As a business owner, you’re probably juggling a hundred things at once and need information on your business quickly and easily. Fortunately, today we’re introducing the beautifully designed, all-new Fivestars dashboard. The new dashboard is the simplest way to understand who your best customers are, their revenue impact on your business, and how to keep them coming back to your store more often.


Powerful Insights, Simply Understood

You can now get in-depth reporting on how often your loyalty program is being used, see detailed customer information, and track your email and text message marketing campaigns–all in a simple, attractive user interface. When you first log in to your dashboard, you will see the new overview page. This is where you can view total visits, new customer referrals from the Fivestars network as well as monthly new member signups, active members, regulars and VIPs.

Fivestars Dashboard


Member Insights

Identify your customers by name, group, and get in-depth information about them including their phone number, email address, birthday, notes, and reward activity.


Fivestars Customer Groups Screenshot


Launch & Analyze Targeted Email & Text Message Campaigns Easily

It’s now so much easier to create targeted marketing campaigns from scratch in seconds. You can send messages to any set of customers or to the customer groups that we’ve automatically set up (New, Regulars, VIPs) and measure the impact of your marketing campaigns from one reporting tab.

Campaign Center

Create one-time email or text message campaigns with our simple campaign creator tool and send messages to predefined customer groups.



AutoPilot Campaign Results

View the impact of your AutoPilot campaigns to understand how many total visits by each member groups were driven by automated marketing.



Understand How Fivestars Drives Revenue

For the first time, you can now estimate the revenue impact of Fivestars on your business overall and have it broken down by customer type (New, Regulars, and VIPs).

Revenue Impact Estimator

View the breakdown and revenue contribution of your New customers (members who visited for the first time in past X days), Regular customers (members who visited in the past X days who aren’t regulars/VIPs) and VIP customers (members who have more than Y lifetime points and have visited in the past X days) to predict your annual sales based on how much earning a point costs.


Log in to your dashboard today!

We’re so excited to unveil the new Fivestars dashboard to you. Be on the lookout in the upcoming months; we’ll be continually adding more and more new features. If you have questions, feedback, or need help navigating the new dashboard, please email Enjoy!


Angela Prilliman
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Angela Prilliman

Angela is a Fivestars writer, designer, and illustrator extraordinaire. When she’s not crafting up marketing assets, she loves to doodle and overshare on her increasingly popular Instagram, @heyitsheli.

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  • Looks awesome. I will definitely be taking a closer look. It brings everything together in a clear and concise way and is just the type of thing small businesses should be using. Kudos.

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