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Fivestars Word of Mouth

We know it’s expensive for local businesses to attract new customers. That’s why we’re introducing Fivestars Word of Mouth, to help you automatically get new customers from your loyal customers.

Research shows that 92%* of people trust word of mouth and recommendations from their friends and family while only 47% trust paid advertising. With Fivestars Word of Mouth, you can get your loyal customers to promote your business to their friends and bring in new customers without any additional cost.

In fact, we’ve seen that up to 18% of people who accept these promotions will share them with their friends.

How Fivestars Word of Mouth works:

  • When your Fivestars members receive an AutoPilot offer or Promotion through Fivestars they’ll be able to share the offer with their friends through text message.
  • We then add the friends who accept to your database and remind them to come into your store.
  • New customers visit and check in to redeem their offer.

Once the feature is on, you can make changes or customize these settings by logging into your dashboard.

How to get Fivestars Word of Mouth:

If you are a Fivestars customer, activate Word of Mouth in your dashboard by going to your AutoPilot settings. And next time you send a Promotion, keep the Word of Mouth toggle on!

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*Nielsen, 2012

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