Introducing a New Look for Fivestars


Championing local businesses and their communities

At Fivestars, we have a passion for the local businesses who power their communities. So for the past several years, we’ve been working to make sure that local businesses are here to stay. The result is a rewards program that’s connected over 30 million people like you to thousands of small businesses across the US and Canada. Last year, together, we helped drive $2 billion in local commerce. All that money stayed in—and strengthened—communities across North America.

A new tagline: Love Local

Last year we struck on a new brand tagline that sums up our focus and passion: Love Local. This tagline puts into words everything we care about most: from our appreciation for how local businesses contribute to their communities to our commitment to helping local businesses build deep and recurring connections with their customers.

Fivestars - Love Local

A fresh new look

Today, we’re excited to also launch a new brand identity and logo that reflects Love Local. You can see our new brand guidelines here. With a star turning into a heart, the logo captures how our product turns impersonal transactions into meaningful relationships. But it can also be seen as a star with a heart at its core, which captures how small business owners love to relate to their customers and deliver great experiences, while Fivestars seeks to amplify that heart. With our new brand identity, which includes our logo, colors, and fonts, we’re sharing the true personality of Fivestars—bright, helpful, fun.

Fivestars logo and brand identity

We’ve also decided to stop capitalizing the middle “s” in Fivestars, since it feels like it puts the focus on our businesses having “five star” reviews. Of course, we’re glad when that happens (and it frequently does), but our deepest hope is for local businesses to continue to be the strong and steady heartbeat of thriving local communities.

Special thanks to Tea Hut, Maison Corbeaux, Alys Grace, and Caffe Centro who helped us create our new brand video. They’re all Fivestars businesses, and it’s truly our privilege to support them. Enjoy! #LoveLocal

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