4 ways to drive signups with Fivestars Text-to-Join

Fivestars Text-to-Join Text Message Marketing

Announcing Fivestars Text-to-Join, our new feature that allows customers to text a unique keyword to join your Fivestars program, no matter where they are!

How does it work?

  1. You claim a keyword and we set it up for you. Some great examples are: ‘FIVESTRS’, ‘JEFFCAFE’, ‘SFGOLFER’
  2. You promote the keyword online, inside your business, and outside of your business.
  3. Your customers text your custom keyword to 578-277 (5STARS).
  4. Customers are automatically opted in and can receive your AutoPilot offers and promotions.
  5. Customers visit your business and check in with their phone number to earn points and rewards.

How do I tell my customers about it?

With Text-to-Join, you need to share your keyword with your customers so they can sign up wherever they are! Have a Facebook page? Post your keyword there and sign up your fans. Have a great website? Turn your web visitors into purchasing customers.  

Here are a few ideas:

Social media: 7 out of 10 Americans are on social media, so if you have a business profile on social media sites, post your keyword there and tell your followers about it. Here are examples of ways you can post on the most popular social media sites:

  • Facebook: “Join our rewards program by texting FIVESTRS to 578-277. Come in next time and earn points for your purchase and get rewarded!”
  • Twitter: “Text FIVESTRS to 578-277 to earn points and rewards when you visit #fivestars”
  • Instagram: Download our Instagram template (make sure you have Adobe Reader!), enter your keyword, save it as an image, and post it.

Online: If you have a website, email list, or Yelp page, advertise your keyword through those channels so that new customers can join your program online, and eventually visit your business in-person.

  • Email list: “Hey everyone! You can now join our Fivestars rewards program online. Text FIVESTRS to 578-277 to start earning points towards awesome free items or discounts!”
  • Your website: “Text FIVESTRS to 578-277 to join our loyalty program and earn rewards.”
  • Yelp: “Text FIVESTRS to 578-277 for specials and offers.” Did you know? You can set up a call-to-action button on your Yelp page just for this purpose. Please note that this Yelp feature may have an associated cost.

In your business: Think of those times that it was too busy for you or your employees to talk about Fivestars. With Text-to-Join, customers can sign up for Fivestars, no matter what’s going on that day.

  • Download our flyer template (make sure you have Adobe Reader!), enter your keyword, and print! Hang flyers up in your front window and add them to counters, tables, and menus.

Outside your business: Text-to-Join is especially helpful if you need to take your business on the road. Fairs, conventions, or farmers’ markets are great examples of places where customers can join the program when you don’t have your Fivestars equipment with you.

  • Hang up flyers at your stand or booth.


Are you a Fivestars business and want a Text-to-Join code? Submit your request here.

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