Introducing the Fivestars Customer Touchscreen

Think about the last time you went to a major retailer like CVS or Walgreens. Chances are you entered your phone number into some sort of device before completing your purchase to earn rewards and discounts.

This no-frills, easy-to-use approach has skyrocketed the success of loyalty programs at big box businesses across the country. In fact, Walgreens signed just under a million customers on the first day of launching their loyalty program using this very approach. 

Gaining as many customer signups as possible is one of the most important keys to maintaining a successful loyalty program. The secret to gaining those members? Making the signup process incredibly easy and impossible to miss. 

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That’s why we’re happy to introduce our latest product: The Fivestars Customer Touchscreen – the fastest and easiest way to sign up more customers to your loyalty program. 

What is the Fivestars Customer Touchscreen?

The Fivestars Customer Touchscreen is just as it sounds – A touchscreen tablet that faces the customer (as opposed to the cashier). It allows customers to sign up or check in to your rewards program themselves by simply typing in their phone number – That’s it. The touchscreen works in conjunction with our Fivestars Connect Tablet or point-of-sale software.

We launched the new product in over a thousand stores, and have seen signups, check ins, and repeat business increase anywhere from 50-200 percent! How is this possible?

  • Increased visibility – The tablet sits nicely on your counter and faces your customers during check out. This serves as a visual cue for customers to check themselves in, or it sparks intrigue for potential new members. Many businesses currently seeing success with the Customer Touchscreen attribute it to the simpler signup process and eye catching display.
  • Less work for you and your cashiers – Cashiers are no longer required to handle the entire sign up process on their end, which saves both you and your customers time. This also frees up any long lines.
  • Increased messaging opt-ins – The Customer Touchscreen allows customers to opt-in immediately to receive your messages, eliminating an additional opt-in step done via text.  
  • No cards, no hassle – Ran out of Fivestars cards? No problem. Did your customer forget or misplace his/her Fivestars card? Not a big deal. With the Customer Touchscreen, customers aren’t required to have a Fivestars card to sign up or earn points – Just a phone number. 

Introducing the Fivestars Customer Touchscreen

How will the Customer Touchscreen increase revenue for your business?

Customer signups are the lifeblood of any loyalty program. The more customers you add to your loyalty program, the more you bring them back through your door. Let’s break down the increased revenue process:

  • For every customer you sign up to your loyalty program, Fivestars tools (like autopilot and promotions) nurture those customers and results in 2 additional visits on average per year.
  • If your average ticket price is $10 per person, that’s an extra $20 per person per year.
  • If you currently have 1,000 customers signed up to your loyalty program, that’s an additional $20,000 in yearly revenue.
  • The Customer Touchscreen increases sign ups by 50%, which means you could easily sign up an additional 500 members. That gives you another $10,000 in yearly revenue just for having an easier, faster and more visible signup process.

The success stories from using the Customer Touchscreen have been abundant. Tsunami Sandwich Company, a local sandwich shop in Seattle, Washington, has almost doubled their daily signups with the Customer Touchscreen. The owner, David Polsalski said, “We had many customers who would only come in once in awhile, and most customers were somewhat hesitant to sign up for another rewards card. The Fivestars Customer Touchscreen eliminated their hesitation. Now, customers are coming in much more frequently.”

If you’re looking to grow your loyalty program without the heavy lifting, the Fivestars Customer Touchscreen is the best way to get there. For a limited time, we’re offering our newest product at a discounted price to our current merchants. Request a demo to see what it’s all about. 

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