We’ve Improved Our Promotions Tool: Send More Effective Promotions Faster

We've Improved Our Promotions Tool: Send Smarter Promotions Faster

How often do you hear from or receive an offer from a big box business – All the time, right? Want to know why? Because no matter how big or small your business is, consistently communicating with customers brings them back. Our recent research even shows that Fivestars businesses who send a promotion (via email, text, or mobile app notification) see a 70% lift in store visits as a direct result.

It’s clear that communication is a critical part of your business’ success. This is why we made note-worthy improvements to our most powerful Fivestars feature and communication tool: Promotions.

Our Promotions tool allows you to send offers and deals through a variety of channels (email, text message, or mobile app) based on your customers’ preferences. To ensure your promotions drive results and are even easier to create, we made the following improvements:

1. Get more in-store redemptions with “suggested promotions”

Want to send a promotion, but don’t know what to say, or what will actually bring customers in the door? We analyzed thousands of top performing promotions and, based off this data, curated industry-specific suggestions directly into your dashboard. In just a couple of clicks, you can now send promotions that have been proven to work.

To find suggested promotions, log into your dashboard, click on Campaigns, then click Promotions. Next, click Create Promotion, select the customer group you’d like to send a promotion to. Suggested Promos will appear as a link.

We've Improved Our Promotions Tool: Send Smarter Promotions Faster

We've Improved Our Promotions Tool: Send More Effective Promotions Faster

2. Communicate with more words

By popular demand, we doubled the character count allowed in each promotion to a total of 231 (50 characters for the promotion, and 181 characters for the message). Now you can clearly communicate even more to your customers within a single promotion.

We've Improved Our Promotions Tools

3. Send promotions faster with a simpler setup

Sending a promotion has never been easier. We reduced the number of steps it takes to create your promotion so you can get it out the door pronto!

Whether you send a promotion every week, or you’re dying try it, now’s the time to see just how powerful this communication tool can be. Send one from your dashboard today.

Not a Fivestars customer? Check out a demo to see our improved features.

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