3 Unexpected Ways to Drive Customer Loyalty and Spend

Customer prepayment increases revenue

Considering customer loyalty is our bread and butter here at FiveStars, we’re always trying to come up with new and innovative ways to boost customer loyalty for the thousands of small businesses we work with everyday. Based on our research and some testing at some of our stores in the FiveStars network, we’ve discovered that getting a customer to prepay (or load up a gift Read More →

Facebook Likes How FiveStars Lives and Works

Work live play together

Startups that have employees who both live and work together aren’t exactly breaking any new ground in the Bay Area. It’s pretty standard, especially for us at FiveStars. But does that scale to a publicly traded company? Well, Facebook thinks it’s worth a shot by building employee apartments right next to their Menlo Park headquarters. The article mentions the FiveStars work environment, how many of our employees Read More →

3 Ways to Make Your Small Business More Profitable in the Long-term

Reduce small business customer churn

For your small business to be more profitable in the long-term you have to keep your eye on customer lifetime value. More easily stated, customer lifetime value is the estimated value of a customer relationship, based on the average customer’s projected future visits and spend each time they visit. You need to make sure your customers are coming back in the future and spending more money Read More →

A Peek at FiveStars Culture: Working and Living Together

FiveStars Work Culture

Some people thought we were crazy, but generally once people realize that many of the FiveStars team members work AND live together, many think we might be on to something when it comes to company culture. In this article featured in the Wall Street Journal, Rachel Silverman covers a handful of startups, including FiveStars, who are upending the concept of work/life balance. You may be Read More →

3 Ways to Recognize and Reward Your Best Customers

Reward valuable customers

If you read this blog enough, I’m sure you have realized how much we love customer loyalty. Loyal customers tell their friends about you, post about your business on their social media sites, and they aren’t as price sensitive and spend more money than new customers do. These are facts. But do you know who those loyal, VIP customers are when they walk into your Read More →

8 Ways to Keep Your Best Customers Happy and Spending More Money

Identify your best customers

Every one knows the importance of loyal customers, but after digging into actual numbers of customer visits at over 2000 small businesses across the country, we found that on average 72% of your total customer visits are driven by your most loyal customers, those who have visited at least 10 times previously. So let’s make sure that those customers, who drive the majority of your Read More →

5 Reasons to Add Gift Cards to a Digital Loyalty Program

Gift cards for rewards

Article via Street Fight Magazine: Promoting customer loyalty is a broad goal that local merchants are tackling in many different ways. While plenty of platforms utilize mobile redemptions and out-of-the-box rewards or coupons to curry favor with consumers, an increasing number of loyalty providers are taking a more seasoned approach. These vendors are moving outside the virtual environment with pre-loaded physical gift cards that consumers can Read More →

Forget Friends and Followers. Focus on This Secret Weapon.

Social media tip

Article via Inc. Magazine: Sure, it’s nice to have a big social media following. But there’s a much more effective tool for forging customer connections. Everyone is focused on the public scorecards that show how well they are doing building connections with customers: Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and Google +1’s are all trumpeted as statistics that reflect a business’s reach and popularity. But that misses Read More →

Digital loyalty startup FiveStars expands to Canada

FiveStars Loyalty Begins Global Expansion with Rogers Communications

Article via PandoDaily: The road to possible world domination apparently runs through Canada. Toronto, to be precise. At least that’s how digital loyalty startup FiveStars sees it. Today the Y-Combinator alum is announcing its first attempts at international expansion with a partnership with Rogers Communications, the Toronto-based telecom giant. FiveStars is a loyalty program for small and medium-sized businesses that gives customers one consolidated plastic rewards card for several businesses, so Read More →

FiveStars takes its loyalty program out of the US, landing in Canada in partnership with Rogers

FiveStars Surpasses 10 Million Loyalty Purchases

Via The Next Web: FiveStars, a startup offering a loyalty card program for local businesses, kicked off its first expansion outside the US today via a new partnership with Canadian telecommunications company Rogers. The new program, which is dubbed Vicinity, will be run by Rogers and powered by FiveStars’ proprietary technology, which integrates with point-of-sale (POS) systems to help small and medium-sized businesses offer loyalty and rewards programs to better engage with Read More →

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