Infographic: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Online Sales

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Does your business engage in online sales? Are you an avid internet shopper? Either way, you’ll find something interesting and helpful in this fun infographic by SumAll, featuring astonishing statistics and some very cute fruit! Below you’ll discover when the best time and worst times are for selling, which day of the week shoppers buy the most expensive items, and more. Enjoy!     By Tracy Read More →

Joining the Ranks of Big Companies


Large companies with customer loyalty programs are pretty common these days – the versatility of such a program means that a business could apply it to almost any product or service. In fact, it’s difficult to step into a Starbucks or even a grocery store without being reminded to sign up for a card. If you think that these loyalty programs are best left for Read More →

Getting Your Customer Loyalty Program Back On Track


So you’ve started a customer loyalty program for your small business, and you’ve finally gathered a sizable amount of sign-ups. Things are going pretty well when one day, you start to notice that less and less customers are actually using the program. Where did it all go wrong? According to this article from Entrepreneur, the problem may be your loyalty program… How to Reignite Customers’ Read More →

So What Exactly is AutoPilot?

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Maybe you’ve heard a little about it before, or maybe you’re new to FiveStars:  our AutoPilot feature is designed to give business owners the ability to send coupons and promotions to specific customers based on particular events in that customer’s life (for example, birthdays). The best part is that the entire service is automated – that means all you need to do is set the promotion Read More →

The FiveStars Story


There are a lot of things we like here at FiveStars… interacting with wonderful businesses across the country, making customers smile, and even our adorable office dogs. One other thing we all love is a good story. In fact, the very story behind our founding is an incredible one to say the least. Starting with no sales background at all, our founders, Victor Ho and Read More →

From the Pros: 5 Companies With Loyalty Programs That Actually Work

Loyalty programs that really work for customers

We’ve all heard marketing strategists and brand managers wax poetic about the merits of Starbucks and Panera Bread when it comes to the loyalty game. There’s no denying the power of those programs, but plenty of other brands are using simple-to-understand systems to create majorly engaging moments. Who’s making the biggest splash right now? Here, we take a look at five companies with their eyes Read More →

Improve Your Small Business Blog & Social Pages By Providing Helpful Content

blogging for your small business

Maybe you’ve come across the term “content marketing” before while you were looking up small business blogging or marketing strategies for your business. Or maybe you’ve seen the phrase, “Content is king.” But what exactly does that mean? Simply put, marketing using content involves creating and distributing helpful information relevant to your audience (your potential customers) without directly selling your product. It’s essentially providing valuable Read More →

Need Some Motivation? 30 Nuggets of Inspiration for Small-Business Owners

Small business motivational quotes and stories

We’ve all been there: Whether your business is running like a dream or experiencing a few hiccups, there are days when you’re just not feeling it. Need a motivational boost to get you through the week? Here, we’ve culled 30 of our favorite quotes, stories and creative exercises designed to get those juices flowing. How many times have you woken up on Monday morning and Read More →

Common Marketing Pitfalls – and How to Avoid Them

common marketing pitfalls

Many small business owners do not have the luxury of bringing somebody on board to handle marketing responsibilities for their company, let alone hiring a firm or professional agency to do it for them. The available time and financial resources for many business owners – especially those first starting out – force them to try and handle their marketing strategy on their own. While this Read More →

95 out of 100 Customers Open Your Text Promo Within 3 Minutes

Customer opening a text message promo

You’ve heard us say it many times before, and we will continue to preach it: if you aren’t texting your customers, YOU SHOULD BE! And WHY should you be text messaging your customers? 95 out of 100 of your customers who have opted into your text messaging program OPEN and READ your mobile messages within 3 minutes. – Forbes Online Mobile text messaging, the same Read More →

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