Customer Loyalty in the Small Business Comic Book Community


Vibrant comic books line the shelves of Mission: Comics and Art, proving that the niche industry of graphic novels is still alive and thriving. For Leef Smith, FiveStars customer and owner of the popular comic book store, this comes to no surprise. “The growth of geek culture has started the comic books revival,” he says proudly. But, business was not always smooth for the first time Read More →

Are You Sending Customers the Right July 4th Promotions? Here Are 5 Ideas

4th of July Promotion Ideas

Fourth of July weekend, and all the barbecue-cooking goodness that comes with it, is a great opportunity to drive additional in-store foot traffic to your business, specifically from higher spending customers. An Offers.com survey found that 28.6% of Americans earning over $150,000 plan to shop over the weekend. Whether or not you have any holiday promotions lined up for your customers, you’ll want to ensure your business’ Read More →

Suggested Promotions: The Proven Way to Increase Repeat Business

Send Better Messages to Compete with Big Box Businesses

Fortune 500 companies spend billions of dollars each year to create effective marketing messages. In fact, according to emarketer, businesses coughed up $50 billion dollars last year on digital marketing advertising efforts. In addition, big box businesses employ large marketing and analyst teams to research and write statistically successful promotions. How’s a small business supposed to compete? You’re in luck, because here at FiveStars, we’ve Read More →

Prompt Answers to 3 Pressing Email Marketing Questions

Answers to 3 Pressing Email Marketing Questions

When measuring your email marketing efforts, a lot of questions arise: “How often do I email my customers?,” “Do I send the same email to everyone?,” “How do I get results from my emails?” These are some of the most common challenges many of our FiveStars business owners confront with each email send. While email remains a relevant and powerful communication channel, the ultimate challenge Read More →

We’ve Improved Our Promotions Tool: Send More Effective Promotions Faster

FiveStars Promotions

How often do you hear from or receive an offer from a big box business – All the time, right? Want to know why? Because no matter how big or small your business is, consistently communicating with customers brings them back. Our recent research even shows that FiveStars businesses who send a promotion (via email, text, or mobile app notification) see a 70% lift in Read More →

5 Dad-Approved Father’s Day Promotions That’ll Inspire Spending

5 Dad-Approved Father’s Day Promotions

Americans spent $12.5 billion for Father’s Day last year. Here are 5 dad-approved promotions and offers you should send to entice store visits and spending. Continue reading Read More →

3 Smart Partnerships to Increase Small Business Growth

3 Smart Partnerships to Increase Small Business Growth

Starbucks and Barnes and Noble, State Farm and Ford – Big brands have been developing strategic partnerships for years. Why? Business growth for both. Alliances not only increase revenue, but give businesses a competitive advantage, and exposure to a slew of potential new customers. Successful partnerships aren’t just beneficial for the big guys. As a small business, you too can and should reap the benefits Read More →

Why Facebook Is No Longer the Best Way to Connect with Your Customers

Facebook for Business Not Going Well

Recently, the number of active small business pages on Facebook surpassed 40 million; that’s a 33% jump from last year! What does this mean for your business? With the flood of Facebook business pages surfacing everyday, it will become increasingly harder for you to reach the customers who’ve liked your Facebook page, whether you use paid Facebook advertising or not. Facebook is limiting the reach of your business’s posts An explosion in Read More →

3 Quick Promotion Ideas for Memorial Day 2015

Summer Promotion Ideas

Summer is around the corner and brings a perfect mix of warm weather, long days, and holidays that can serve as a huge launching point for your business’s growth. Memorial Day is coming up in a couple weeks, so I put together some new promotion ideas to help boost your sales during the holiday weekend. We’ve found that sending the right promotion over the right Read More →

Performance Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners

Let's get you trained up on performance marketing

I’ve been a full-time marketer for over ten years. For the past seven, I’ve worked with companies like Google, Facebook, and now FiveStars, where I market to small business owners like yourself. While I’ve created many marketing campaigns targeting small businesses, I’ve never tried to distill down my marketing learning in a consistent, concise, and relevant way that you as business owners can use to attract Read More →

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