Featured in Inc. magazine: Don’t Build Just a Great Company Culture: 7 Ways to Build a Real Community

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A culture is imposed. It’s established by the company and employees are expected to be a part of it, to participate, even if it doesn’t fit their style or personality. Culture is about the company, and how you as an employee fit within it. It is often not very authentic, purporting to serve the needs of employees, but without anyone ever asking them what they want. It’s frequently a carry-over from the founders’ interests and the environment they want to work in.

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On the other hand, community is the manifestation of the people within it, guided by the company values. A community is constantly evolving as employees come and go, influenced by their individual perspectives, insight and experience. It’s authentic, taking into consideration what’s meaningful to the individuals, helping to create a sense of purpose in which community members intrinsically hold themselves and one another accountable for the company’s success.

Read the article written by Jeff Haden in full here: Don’t Build Just a Great Company Culture: 7 Ways to Build a Real Community

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