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An update on the Flok loyalty program and app [2020]


On April 1st, 2020, Flok, formerly known as LoyalBlocks, closed its doors. Flok was one of the largest customer loyalty, mobile app, and CRM platforms for local businesses. At its peak, Flok partnered with over 40,000 local businesses. Started as mobile app-based, self-service loyalty program, Flok later developed cutting edge features including beacon integration and chatbot services to its product offering. However, at the core of Flok’s program was a customer rewards program. Consumers could download an app, join the individual rewards program at their favorite local establishments, and slowly earn rewards over time in accordance with a merchant’s tiered reward structure.

Perhaps the timing could not have been worse for many of these local businesses left without a customer loyalty provider. The Coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted virtually every business across the globe. To compound the situation, previous Flok merchants are now also left without a database of their customers with whom merchants might be able to engage with to help generate some much needed revenue.

For businesses looking to replace Flok and it’s features, we hope you’ll consider Fivestars and our powerful suite of marketing features. While there are many customer loyalty solutions to choose from, read below to see why many former Flok businesses have turned to Fivestars to help.


Flok app vs. Fivestars: how does Fivestars compare?


Fivestars has been around since 2011. Founders Victor Ho and Matt Doka imagined a world where local businesses could be armed with the same powerful loyalty and marketing tools once available only to the Fortune 500. 

What features does Fivestars offer and how does it compare to Flok?

Flok vs. Fivestars Comparison


  • Custom Tiered Rewards: Choose point per dollar or point per visit. Each business will be able to customize how many points a customer needs to earn before redeeming a specific reward.
  • Automated Messaging: We send the right offer at the right time to the right customer. Want to win back customers who haven’t been back to your store in 30-60-90 days? We’ll automatically send them an SMS with a custom reward of your choice.
  • Promotions and Announcements: Send any offer, promotion, or announcement through our promotions and announcements tool. We’ll help you track how many offers have been sent, how many have been claimed, and ultimately, how many have been redeemed in store.
  • Text to Join: Need a way to sign up customers when they’re not in store? We’ll arm you with you personalized shortcode so that customers can join as members of your loyalty program offline.
  • Online Dashboard: Get full insight into who your customers are, their spending behaviors, and more. Monitor your returning customers vs new customers, audit the number of rewards redeemed, or even update the information listed in your Fivestars page.

At the end of the day, we’re sad to see Flok go. We take pride in helping our merchants attract new customers and retain their existing ones as well. Supporting local businesses, especially in turblent times like these, is what our team seeks to accomplish every day. Whether you partner with Fivestars or a different customer loyalty provider, we wish you, your employees, and your business both health and success. You can contact us at (870) 578-2770 if you have any questions or feel free to visit us at our website.

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