Want More New Customers? Let’s Talk About Your Acquisition Offer

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We know that customer loyalty is important for small businesses—but we also know that in order to grow, you need to see some new faces come through the door, too. New customers are important.

That’s why we’re proud to roll out new features (like Word of Mouth) that will help you cost-effectively grow your customer base, with more features to come—like a way to help your business get discovered by local customers in the Fivestars network. As we continue to create more opportunities to reach new customers, we wanted to share some thoughts on how to turn these introductions into long and meaningful relationships.

So how do you turn a potential customer into a frequent visitor?

It all starts with your acquisition offer, that is, the very first offer a customer sees. This offer is your chance to make a great first impression, and in order to do so, you want to ensure it’s as strong as possible. It should be interesting, enticing, and, perhaps most importantly, generous. For example:

Not so great: $1 off, a free soda, 5% discount
Much better: 15%+ off (the more the better), BOGO, a free item, entree, or staple item (bonus points if it’s one you’re known for!)

Though it might seem like a lot to give away, the more aggressive offers will yield greater results. Think bigger and beyond the first transaction: Your first offer is a way of winning your new customer into your business. Once there (and with the help of a great customer loyalty program), she’s more likely to return again and again, making up for the upfront investment—and then some.

Feeling inspired?

You can easily change your customer acquisition offer from your dashboard. Go to your AutoPilot settings and change your Network AutoPilot from there. And don’t be afraid to experiment! You can even try out a few different versions over the course of a few months and see what works best.

Your acquisition offer is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, so don’t hold back! Start off with a generous offer and convert your new customers into loyal customers.

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