AutoPilot lets you do less, and get more.

50-60% of first-time customers don’t come back. Meanwhile, upwards of 80% of a business’ revenue comes from repeat customers. So you need a way to keep your customers returning, without investing considerable effort on that front; you already have heaps of work piled up on your desk. Fortune 500 companies use lifecycle marketing tools to stay ahead of their customers’ needs. We want to give local businesses the same powerful marketing tools.

AutoPilot is the way

AutoPilot sends the right message, at the right time, to draw customers back to you. It uses automation to send targeted promotions to your customers. You can even customize promotions based on where customers stand with your business.

Lapsed Message example

A lapsed campaign is sent when a customer hasn’t visited in 90 days

The right message at the right time

Sending messages at the “right time” is crucial. For example, the likelihood a customer will return drops 50-75% every 30 days. AutoPilot sends messages at key times in a customer’s relationship with your business. For instance, when a customer signs up for the first time, it will send a little message, nudging them to return. If it’s been 90 days without a visit, AutoPilot will send an offer shaped specifically for customers who’ve stayed away that long.


A view of the Fivestars Dashboard and the different AutoPilot campaigns at your disposal

You control the rewards and messages it sends. That customization leads to conversions. New customers (i.e. people simply checking out your store for the first time) become regular customers, and those regular customers become advocates (i.e. customers who promote your business to other people).

Customers will more likely become advocates when you make them feel special. A personalized message popping up on their phones, with a deal tailored just for them, is a great way to make that happen. They’ll feel as if you understand them. And you do. You know why you opened your business, and who it’s designed for.

You designed your store for your customers. We designed AutoPilot for you.

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