How Fivestars Builds Your Business [Video]

I, Chris Luo, VP of Marketing, along with some of the Fivestars Team, explain three ways in which Fivestars will help your business succeed.

Chris Luo
About the Author
Chris Luo

Chris Luo is the SVP of Marketing at Fivestars. Previously he was the Global Head of SMB Marketing at Facebook. He enjoys running marathons and figuring out ways to get more Twitter followers than his twin brother.

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  • Hi Chris

    We just signed up with FiveStars and found customers are already coming back with their discounts. FYI – Kyle, or ‘Loyalty Consultant’ was great and Yvana, our Account Manager has been quite helpful and certainly knows your product.

    We’re looking forward to a great experience with FiveStars.

    Bob Resnick
    Les Boudoirs Boutique, Westlake Village, CA

    BTW – How can we tell you from your twin brother? Ha Ha

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