How to Ask Customers to Sign up for Your Rewards Program (And Get Stellar Results!)

How to Ask Customers to Sign up for Your Rewards Program

American consumers are going crazy for reward programs. Research shows that the average household has memberships in 29 loyalty programs, that’s up from 22 programs in 2014.

Considering consumers are hopping on board the loyalty train, now’s the time get your customers to sign up.

It sounds like a simple concept, just ask your customers to sign up, right? Well, we’ve done some research at Fivestars and found that there’s a right way and wrong way to get customers to join your program.

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Below the video, you’ll find an in-depth list of ideas, as well as dos and don’ts when asking customers to sign up for your program. If you want the quick version, just push play:


Do: Engage your customers at the checkout

The best time to approach customers about your reward program is when they’re checking out. Because customers can potentially get rewards with that purchase, it makes sense to mention the program at this point.

Do: Ask the right question

Fivestars research shows there are certain questions that lead to more sign ups. Here’s a list of questions that encourage the most sign ups:

  • Do you have any rewards to redeem today?
    This question makes customers curious. They realize that other customers are getting rewards and are likely to sign up for your program for fear of missing out on some great deals. It also encourages customers to ask questions about the rewards and how the program works.
  • Are you a member of our rewards program?
    This question prompts the customer to say, yes or no. If they say no, it gives you an opportunity to invite him or her to join.
  • Do you have a Fivestars account?
    Your customers will wonder what a Fivestars account is and start to inquire about it. This question gives you the opportunity to invite customers to join, and talk up your program.

Do: Make the signup process easy

Once a customer is interested in your program, you need them to provide their contact information. This process should be described in simple terms. If the process sounds complicated, the customer will pass on the opportunity. Our research suggests this approach:

Just type in your phone number and you’ll get _______

Tell customers that by providing their phone number they’ll get certain rewards. Be specific about the rewards. If your new customers typically receive a 20 percent off coupon as their first reward, mention that. This statement makes the sign up process feel seamless and the rewards worth it.

It’s also handy to have a chalkboard or sign nearby displaying your points and rewards structure so customers can visually see potential rewards in their future.

Don’t: Bombard your customers

Being excited about your rewards program is great, but don’t let your enthusiasm overwhelm customers. For example, don’t meet customers at the door and ask them to sign up.

Don’t: Ask for sign ups the wrong way

As we mentioned, there is a right and wrong way to ask customers to join your program. One of the least effective ways to get customers to join your program is to ask, “Do you want to sign up for our loyalty program?” Your customers will assume the sign up process is time consuming and will automatically say no.

Don’t: Be pushy

If customers say they’re not interested in your program, leave it at that. You can always bring up the program the next time they come in. If you’re too pushy, you could hurt repeat sales.

By using the tips that we’ve gleaned from our research, you’ll be able to maximize sign ups, which in turn, gives you an opportunity to maximize repeat business.

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