Featured in Inc. Magazine: Need More Sales? Here’s How to Hire a Killer Sales Team

Fivestars in Inc.

You want to increase sales and enter new markets, and you know that means hiring more salespeople. But how can you be sure these new team members will turn out to be a worthwhile investment for your company?

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They will–if you take a disciplined approach to hiring and invest the time and effort to set all your sales reps up for maximum success. That advice comes from Victor Ho, co-founder of Fivestars, a loyalty program platform for small businesses. He speaks from experience. The two-year-old startup has grown from 150 employees to 300 in the last six months–and 100 of those new hires have been sales reps. At the same time, the San Francisco-based company has also opened a new office in Denver. Despite that rapid growth and the perils that could go with it, tripling the size of FiveStar’s sales team has paid off. The company is now adding merchants (its paying customers) five times faster than it was a year ago.

How does the company make it work? Here are Ho’s insider tips for rapidly building a sales force the right way:

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