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Rewards messaging may be a new tactic for marketers to make this holiday season. While most campaigns are already firmly entrenched, one expert believes rewards messaging can help brands better connect with loyal shoppers.

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Kristina: What trends are you seeing in rewards messaging?

Mike Polner, Director of Product Marketing at Fivestars: In general, more small businesses are sending rewards messages and connecting with their customers than ever before. In November, our small businesses sent over 7.5 million rewards messages to customers with special deals and offers. This is a 28% increase from October and this number continues to increase every month, as we’re seeing that small businesses are leveraging the same sophisticated marketing techniques that Fortune 500 companies use. This means fewer paper fliers, sign spinners, etc. and more direct, digital reward messages over multiple channels: push, SMS, or email. The other major trend we’re seeing is the continued move towards automation. Small business owners are incredibly busy and spend between 1 – 3 hours a month using marketing tools. Having messages fire based on customer visit behaviors or scheduling special deals to send later will only become more popular as small business owners remain bandwidth constrained.

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