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Welcome to INSIGHTS, the FiveStars knowledge base – we’re glad you’ve stopped by! Here, we strive to provide a wealth of interesting, helpful, and educational content about running a small business, retaining more of your customers, and fine-tuning the art of customer loyalty marketing.

If you’re not familiar with us, FiveStars is a San Francisco-based rewards and customer loyalty marketing company with small business success on the brain. We #lovelocal, like to support the little guys, and want to see small businesses thrive.

Why? Small businesses are a big deal. Did you know that since 1995, small businesses have generated 64% of all new jobs in the United States according to the Small Business Administration? That’s huge.

We also admire the hard work, time, dedication, and commitment it takes to open and operate a local business. Our communities would simply not be the same without them.

To ensure small businesses live long and prosper, we provide easy-to-use text, mobile app, and email marketing and messaging tools – all built on top of a robust customer loyalty and rewards program. We also provide insights about customer visit and purchase behavior so businesses can send automated rewards.

Our program not only helps small businesses build and strengthen relationships with customers, but it also brings new, regular, and lost customers back, and more often.

So whether you’re a small business using FiveStars, or traveling through, we hope you enjoy the content and find it useful, too.


Colleen Corkery, INSIGHTS editor-in-chief

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