5 Dad-Approved Father’s Day Promotions That’ll Inspire Spending

5 Dad-Approved Father’s Day Promotions

Father’s Day will be here sooner than you can say “necktie” – Have you sent your dad-approved offers, deals, and promotions yet?

While Father’s Day doesn’t take the holiday shopping cake, Americans still spent a whopping $12.5 billion last year according to the NRF (National Retail Federation). That isn’t chump change.

So how do you encourage new and existing customers to spend some of that $12.5 billion at your business? Simple, send a promotion! At Fivestars, our most recent research reveals that businesses who send promotions (via mobile, text message, or email) see a 70% lift in store visits on or around the time a deal was sent.

To inspire spending, increase customer visits, and of course, celebrate dad this Father’s Day (June 21), send any of the following promotions that would make your father proud:

1. ‘Celebrate Dad All Week (or Month!)’ promotion

Rather than give people just one day to rejoice in your Father’s Day deal, send a promotion that celebrates the holiday for an entire week or month.

Example: “Why celebrate dad for just one day? Take $3 off any item each week for the rest of the month.”

2. ‘Don’t Get Dad Another Tie’ promotion

What do most people get dad for Father’s Day? According to the NRF, the two most popular items include greeting cards (64.1%) and ties (41.5%). Encourage customers to think outside the box.

Example: “Dad doesn’t want another [tie], [card], or [soap-on-a-rope] this year. Get him something different and take 40% off.”

3. ‘Dad’s Favorite’ promotion

To encourage product-specific sales, promote particular items (“dad’s favorites”) with discounted prices.

Example: “We’ve got deals on all of dad’s favorite foods! From now until closing on Sunday, June 21, get a $3 po’ boy, $2 tuna salad, or a $4 pot pie. Thanks dad!”

4. ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ promotion

Build relationships and see repeat business. Get to know your customers more closely by asking them to participate in a (non-intrusive) action to redeem a deal. For Father’s Day, have customers answer a question about themselves (or in this case, their dads) in exchange for a deal. Just be sensitive to the action you ask of customers – You don’t want this promotion to backfire like McDonald’s “Pay with Lovin’” marketing campaign.

Example: “Happy Father’s Day! Tell us a fact about your dad and take 25% off your entire purchase.”

5. ‘Treat Dad and Yourself, Too’ promotion

Self-gifting is bigger than you think. Encourage people to shop for themselves in addition to dad.

Example: “It’s Father’s Day! (you deserve something, too). Buy a $15 gift card, and get one item 50% off for you.”

Want to know what deals resonate with customers the most? Our Fivestars customers see high promotion redemption rates by sending the following offers:

  • Double rewards/points (specifically for your loyalty program)
  • BOGO (buy one, get one free or at a discounted price)
  • Free upgrade with purchase
  • Free item with purchase
  • Particular dollar amount off
  • Percentage off entire store
  • Percentage off particular item (e.g., 25% off 1lb of coffee beans)
  • Discounted items (e.g., $1 pastry)
  • Deals on a group of items (e.g., 50% off one pastry, sandwich, or soup)
  • Day of the week deals (e.g., Wednesday only specials)

Want even more Father’s Day deal suggestions? Check out our post from last year.

Are you a Fivestars customer? Log into your dashboard and send one of these promotions today.

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