Make fall awesome for your customers with these promotions

With back-to-school behind us and some of the busiest holidays around the corner, you might be looking for ways to bring customers into your business this month. While it’s always nice to plan a promotion around a holiday, the coming of fall itself is a great thing to celebrate! Try these promotions for your small business, and avoid the pre-holiday slump.

Summer memories promotion

Invite your customers to stop by your business and share their favorite summer memory—ideally, you could set up a small station with notecards for this purpose—and give them 15% off when they do! You could also have a contest where you pick out the most hilarious or heartwarming summer memory for a special prize: think a free drink or a small, fun item in your store.

Try: Stop by all week and share your favorite summer memory for 15% off your purchase—plus, the most memorable entry wins a free drink! Promotion ends this Friday.

Don’t forget Labor Day!

Labor Day is widely considered the unofficial last day of summer. For most parts of the country, summer heat is still blazing, and customers are looking to cool off, relax, and hopefully score some good deals. This year, Labor Day falls on Monday, September 3rd, so plan your promotions accordingly!   

Try: We’re celebrating Labor Day with amazing deals throughout the store—don’t miss out!

Movie night

Have a bit of outdoor space at your business, like a backyard, or even a parking lot? Movie nights just need a little bit of equipment—namely, a projector, and a blank wall, or a white sheet—to transform your little bit of the outdoors into an open-air movie theater. Your customers can bring their own seating and snacks. Consider holding a raffle to raise proceeds for a worthy cause, and let your customers know that if they bring their raffle ticket into your business any time in the next week, they’ll receive 20% off an item of their choice. Bonus points if you partner with a neighboring business to host the movie night.

Try: Meet us at the movies! We’re screening When Harry Met Sally this Saturday at 7 at the store—plus, a raffle for charity where everyone’s a winner!

So why not celebrate fall? With these promotion suggestions, you can’t go wrong.

Shruti Swamy
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