3 Promotions to Show Customers Some Love

This month, share some love with your customers. With Valentine’s Day landing in the middle of the month, it’s a good opportunity to send promotions that show your customers how much you appreciate them.

To help our members come up with creative and effective promotions that encourage repeat business, here’s a list of promotions to use in February:

1. Valentine’s Day Promotion

Valentine’s Day is all about love, romance and gestures of kindness. More than half of all Americans plan to buy gifts for their loved ones this year, and will spend an average of $146.84, according to the National Retail Federation. That’s up from $142.31 last year.

You don’t have to be a florist or own a candy shop to promote Valentine’s Day either. Every business can offer a discount to celebrate the holiday. Try giving customers 14% off on February 14. The discount could apply to an entire purchase, or to a specific item.

If you apply the discount to a certain item, it gives you a chance to suggest a unique Valentine’s Day gift. Now’s the time to promote a cool product that you have in store.

Here’s what to enter as a promotion in Fivestars, just change what’s in brackets to fit your needs.

What’s the promotional offer?

  • Enjoy 14% off [your entire purchase] on February 14.


  • Enjoy 14% off [women’s pajamas] on February 14.

What’s the occasion?

  • Give your loved one something special with our Valentine’s Day discount.

When does the promotion expire?

  • Expires on February 14

2. VIP Appreciation Promotion

Your customers keep your business running, so take a minute to show your appreciation. Create a promotion that gives your VIPs additional loyalty points.

By rewarding your most frequent customers, you’re showing them how much you care. Remember, 70 percent of customer buying experiences are based on how a customer feels they’re being treated. So, share some love.

You’ll have to adjust the number of points that you give away based on your reward structure. You’re just looking to make a kind gesture, so keep the number of points modest yet appealing.

You can make the promotion simple by giving the points away with any purchase, or you can require a certain purchase amount. It’s up to you.

Run the promotion for a day, or an entire weekend.

Remember, you want to segment this promotion and send it only to your most loyal customers.

Here’s what to enter as a promotion in Fivestars, just change what’s in brackets to fit your needs.

What’s the promotional offer?

  • Get [25] free reward points with [any] purchase

What’s the occasion?

  • We appreciate our loyal customers! To show our love, get [25] additional points on any purchase this [weekend.]

When does the promotion expire?

  • Expires at the end of the weekend

3. Thanks for Shopping Local BOGO Promotion

A growing number of consumers are joining the “local movement.” They’re buying more goods from small mom-and-pop stores to support their community, connect with business owners and know where their products are from.

This month, thank your customers for shopping local with a BOGO (Buy One Get One) promotion.

Pick a product that makes sense for this promotion. Consider a popular small ticket item that you have a lot of in stock.

Turn the promotion into a flash sale where shoppers only have a small window of time to take advantage of it. And run the promotion on a day when traffic is slower to give your sales a boost.

You can send this promotion to your VIPs, Regular and New customer segments.

Support this flash sale with signs in your store. Hang a banner up that says thanks, or write a thoughtful message to your customers on a chalkboard in your store.

Here’s what to enter as a promotion in Fivestars, just change what’s in brackets to fit your needs.

What’s the promotional offer?

  • Buy one [cup of coffee], Get one free!

What’s the occasion?

  • To say thanks for shopping locally, you’re invited to our BOGO event this [Tuesday] from [9am-Noon.]

When does the promotion expire?

  • Expires the day of the promotion

Use these three promotions this month to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more.

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