Valentine’s Day Feeling Stale? Try These Alternatives

Fivestars Valentine's Day Promotions Suggestions

Candy hearts, stuffed bears, and chocolates are great, but there are lots more ways for small businesses to celebrate winter’s sugariest holiday. If you’re looking for a few fresh ways to celebrate, these promotion ideas might just get your sales buzzing, and delight your customers in the process!

Galentine’s Day promotion

It started as a fictional holiday from the TV show Parks and Rec, but 8 years later, Galentine’s Day is basically a real holiday, where women get the opportunity to celebrate the female friends in their lives. Instead (or in addition to) any 2-for-1 promotions you offer to couples, try inviting your female customers in to share your business with their best friends.

Try: Gals, this one’s for you! Come celebrate Galentine’s Day with your favorite friend on Feb 14—we’re offering 2-for-1 deals on all drinks for ladies and their besties.

Host a S.A.D. celebration

Not all your customers are coupled up, and some would appreciate an event or promotion of their own. The playfully named Singles Awareness Day, or SAD, is celebrated on February 15, and offers a whole host of opportunities for singles-themed promotions or events. Bars could host a SAD happy hour, salons could offer discounted manicures to single ladies, and more!

Try: Why should couples have all the fun? We’re celebrating Singles Awareness Day on Feb 15th with 15% off storewide for our single customers to show some self love!

Create a “love notes” station

Reserve a corner of your store for a “love notes” station, with (branded) card stock and stationery, stickers, colored pens, and envelopes (and perhaps a few volumes of poetry for inspiration), where customers can create and decorate beautiful love notes for their Valentine. Think about setting up your station next to a Valentine’s display of items from your store that would make good gifts: if your customers are inspired to purchase a gift, they can easily include their loving note!

Try: Get inspired this Valentine’s Day with our “love notes” station. All week we’ll have all the supplies you need to write a beautiful note to your Valentine—and gift ideas to go along with it!

This Valentine’s Day, there’s no excuse not to share the love!

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