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Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13th—and your customers will be looking for a way to celebrate their moms. Even if your businesses doesn’t seem like a natural fit for a Mother’s Day celebration, there are still ways to honor the holiday and help your customers make their moms feel special.  

Get snappy

Encourage your customers to visit your store on Mother’s Day with their moms in tow by offering a free portrait of the two of them. Those with some room in their budget could think about hiring a professional photographer, but there are a lot of budget-friendly options, from contacting your local art school to have them recommend a talented student looking to build out their portfolio, to buying an instant camera and giving away one-off snapshots of moms and their kids. If your photos are digital, it’s a great way to capture your customers’ contact information—or even sign them up for your rewards program—as you’ll need to collect their email address to send over the picture.  

Try: Smile! This Mother’s Day, stop by all day and get your picture taken together for free by a portrait photographer. Your mom’s going to love it.

Make it special

Bars, cafes, restaurants, salons and other “experience” businesses can take advantage of Mother’s Day by offering a discount on their services encourage moms to visit their establishment. But why not take it a step further? Create—or adapt—a service you offer and name it specifically in honor of moms.

Try: We’re serving up Mom-osas all day this Sunday, so stop by with your mom and raise a glass!

Partner with a neighbor

Does your business cater more to a male-heavy crowd? Find a neighborhood friend! Perhaps there’s a store in your area with a more mom-centric demographic (e.g. a flower shop). Introduce yourself and see if you might be able to partner for Mother’s and Father’s day with a reciprocal gift certificate or promotion. Bonus: you’re building important community ties!

Try: We’re partnering with Flora’s Florals this Mother’s Day for a special promotion: spend $40 or more at our store and you’ll earn a free bouquet for the mom in your life.   

Support moms in need

Mother’s Day is a great time to support moms in your community who need your help. Consider donating a portion of your proceeds to your local domestic violence shelter, or another family-oriented non-profit that supports mothers in your community.

Try: Shop our store from 5/7 – 5/13 and we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to La Casa De Las Madres, the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Whether big or small, charitable or simply for fun, there’s many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at your small business!

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