Celebrate the biggest summer sales month with these 4 promotions ideas

According to Gallup, customers spend the most money out of the summer months in July, and that number is increasing steadily every year. Last July, Americans spent $100 a day on average, that number is up $12 from June’s average!

There’s more than just the 4th to lure the masses to your business in July. Use these promotional ideas to ensure you make the most of the summer fun.

4th of July Patriotism:  Independence Day isn’t just about fireworks and picnics—it’s a celebration of our nation, and freedom. Use that patriotic spirit in your promotion.

Send this promotion: “Honor the Grand Ole Flag! Stop by the week of Independence Day wearing red, white, and blue and receive 20% off any [item].”

4th of July Cookout: According to the National Retail Federation, 64.5% of people will attend a Fourth of July picnic or barbecue. Last year there was 6.77 billion dollars in planned spending for picnics. Don’t miss out!

Send this promotion: “We’re having a cookout! Come on by for a free hot dog with any purchase of $10 or more on July 4th.”

International Friendship Day (July 30th): Take advantage of this once a year holiday by offering exclusive discounts to anyone who comes in to your store with a friend. Post about this special on social media beforehand to spread the word and post pictures of your customers as they come in with friends throughout the promotion.

Send this promotion: “Hey friends! July 30th is International Friendship Day. Stop in with a friend and receive double points on any items purchased.”

Summer Weekend Mania: According to the US Consumer Report, consumers spend more on weekends than they do on weekdays. This July you’ll have an extra weekend—five in total—making those lazy summer days a great chance to bring customers through the door!

Send this weekend special: “Get one free [item] with purchase of $20 or more every Saturday and 15% off [item] every Sunday this July.”

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This July, don’t forget to reach out to your customers about the many upcoming holidays and schedule a promotion or social media post to your customers today!

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