Which Small Business Marketing Automation Service is Right for You?

The best way to market your small business is to rely on small business advertising. This will help with spreading the word about your new company. Of course, going about this isn’t a simple task, especially if you are operating the company alone or with one or very few people. However, this is where automated marketing proves to be exceptionally valuable. It is a way of doing small business marketing so that you can essentially get the word out about your company and what services or goods it provides. To get started, you will have to learn about the various small marketing program options that are available to small businesses and what each of them has to offer.

Marketing services can help


Sales FUSION is a great automated marketing program that can help you to get started with promoting your new small business. It aims to get marketers started on gaining new business opportunities and to gaining customers with whom they can develop relationships that will last a lifetime, which only benefits the business in the long run. The company promises to show results, enables marketers to succeed, finds great solutions that help small businesses to thrive and of course, caters to customers. Sales FUSION gives a small business’ marketer or marketing team the opportunity to make better decisions as well. The service provided is said to be one that is of excellence as it provides answers to even the most basic of questions. You will receive a good strategy to market your company and can receive support at essentially any time of day. Some of the marketing options Sales FUSION provides include email marketing, social marketing and website tracking.

Pardot Marketing Automation

Pardot Marketing Automation was established in 2007 by Adam Blitzer and David Cummings. It is an automated marketing platform that any small business would take pride in using for their services. With Pardot, your company can receive valuable tools for marketing the business that can help to increase revenue, maximize efficiency and create and manage marketing campaigns that can help your business to expand and succeed. Pardot can be the most valuable tool for your company’s sales associate or team as it delivers sales alerts in real-time, CRM integrations, better prospective tracking and analyzing of the business and more. It is the belief that automated marketing can help to reduce or even eliminate human error, which makes for a more effective business as a whole. Pardot is generally used as an application that can be utilized by your small company’s marketing team or associate. Email marketing in particular is one of the most effective tools it offers. You can easily create email campaigns that are professional in appearance and even create your very own templates with your business’ own brand.


Silverpop offers automated marketing solutions for your small business that allow you to better manage marketing of your company. In addition, you can learn the best ways on how to maximize your business budget as you gain helpful tips on making the most of your sales team at the most appropriate time. Track your business’ overall success with reporting and analytics in real-time, gain assistance in lead scoring, align your sales and marketing activities and focus on better strategies that can allow your company to grow, not only in popularity but financially as well. One of the things that makes Silverpop so highly effective is that it is trusted by over 5,000 companies and brands worldwide and it offers 24/7 customer service support. All of the aspects of your business are unified as well, from email, mobile and social media.


Eloqua works for your small business with its marketing automation, making it easier and more time efficient for you to focus on your marketing needs. Control the content of your marketing messages to best get your point of view across and impress prospective clients and customers. Eloqua believes in working differently than all other automated marketing platforms by observing the buyer’s digital body language. This makes it easier for you, the small business owner, to determine what is of most interest to that person. Each message is personalized to fit the criteria of each prospective buyer, no matter what their role.


Act-On’s automated marketing solutions can certainly work for your small business. It is the organization’s mission to serve as the lifeblood of small marketing teams that hold fast to huge ambitions. The organization was created so as to empower businesses, particularly those that are smaller, so that they can make an impact in the world with highly effective marketing tools at merely a fraction of the cost of more complicated systems. Act-On is preferred by many small businesses not only due to its effectiveness but the ease of use it brings as it includes an intuitive user interface that is friendly and powerful at the same time. It is deemed as the world’s fastest growing automated marketing platform and includes its own Instant-On database to create accelerated marketing campaign creation. There is also an option to track website visitors, CRM solutions, email marketing, lead scoring, social media prospecting and so much more.


Distribution Distributed Marketing offers some of the best automated marketing options for your small business. Its goal is to bring together technology, communication and marketing strategies that can help you to get the most out of your prospects and customers. Distribution operates on a multiple channel that includes alignment between corporate marketing, local sales and effective campaigns. The marketing systems vary depending on the industry of each business but hold onto a singular goal, which is to increase marketing and expand your small business. There are a variety of services the automated marketing platform provides, such as managed services, integration and implementation, consulting and packages that include cross selling, retention and referral and customer acquisition.

These are merely a few of the automated marketing programs that are available of which your business can take advantage. The best way to settle on the one that is best for your small business is to explore their services and effectiveness. It also helps to consider the businesses that are currently relying on them for their services.


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