4 Unique Ways to Advertise Your Loyalty Program

Unique Ways to Advertise Your Loyalty Program

Break out the megaphones and the hula dancers; it’s time to advertise your loyalty program. Well, maybe that’s a little extreme, but any business with a loyalty program in place wants to promote it as much as possible.

After all, you want customers to be just as excited as you are about the program, and as a result, sign up for great savings and cool deals.

There are some proven advertising methods, like training your employees to promote the program and adding an informational sign to your checkout, but what other advertising options can businesses use to promote their loyalty program? We’re glad you asked.

Here are four unique ways to advertise your program:

1. Show off real customers who redeem rewards

The next time a customer redeems a reward at your store, ask if you can snap their picture for your “Loyalty Board.”

Let’s say one of your customer’s just redeemed points for a free manicure. Take a picture of the happy customer showing off her new nails and post it on a bulletin board that’s behind the cash register in your store.

Make a quick caption on your computer and add it to the picture. For example, the caption might read, “Joanne Smith redeemed her loyalty points for a free manicure. Ask how you can do the same.”

You can even use the picture and caption on social media to show other customers how beneficial your loyalty program is.

Here’s a great example:


Be sure to include a link that offers more information about the loyalty program, or encourage fans to ask about it the next time they’re in the store.

2. Put a sign near potential freebies in your store

You can use a lot of different signage to promote your loyalty program. The most common is a sign near the checkout that says something like, “Are you part of our loyalty program? Ask about it today,” or “Have any rewards to redeem?”

It’s a great idea, but we have a different idea in mind. Use a sign to highlight something cool that your customers can get for free, or at a discount, if they’re a member of your loyalty program.

Let’s say you run a boutique that sells women’s clothing and jewelry, and loyalty members can save up their points for a luxury watch. Make a sign that says, “Like this watch? Learn how you can get it free through our loyalty program.” Place the watch and the sign in its own display case on the jewelry counter. Curiosity will have customers asking you about your loyalty program.

3. Create a partnership

How would you like to attract new customers to your store, and sign them up for your loyalty program at the same time? Consider a partnership.

Team up with a local business (that’s not a competitor, of course) to generate some buzz outside of your four walls. Use your connections from a networking group like the chamber of commerce, and see if one the businesses that’s near you is interested in creating a dual marketing campaign to sign customers up for loyalty programs for both businesses.

You can even offer a 10 percent off coupon that’s redeemable at either store as an incentive to sign up.

Don’t want to team up with a business? Team up with a nonprofit like the local animal shelter. One of the rewards that members can earn could be a week’s worth of food for new residents of the shelter. The nonprofit can promote the partnership with signs, and even collect phone numbers of those interested in signing up.

4. Promote your loyalty program app on your digital channels

Your loyalty program likely has an app, which should be promoted online. Research shows 59 percent of consumers are more likely to sign up for a loyalty program that has a smartphone app.

Let’s face it; punch cards are losing their luster. Apps are the digital punch cards of the future. With a loyalty program app, consumers can check point balances, update their personal information and get reminders about cool promotions.

Encourage customers to get the app by posting messages on your social channels, and consider adding a spot on your website that directs customers to the downloadable app.

Wrap up

Customers fuel your loyalty program, which is why advertising plays such an important role. There are dozens of advertising options, but this list provides several out-of-the-box, affordable ideas that every business can use to generate some loyalty buzz and boost program participation.

How do you promote your loyalty program? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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