14 Sales-Boosting Valentine’s Day Promotions to Send Your Loyalty Members

Love is in the air, and so is the desire to shop! According to the National Retail Federation, more than $19 billion dollars was spent on family, friends, and other loved ones for Valentine’s Day last year. Now’s the time to reach out to your customers, show your own appreciation, and boost in-store sales.

To ensure customers spend some of that $19 billion at your store or restaurant for Valentine’s Day, send an incentivizing, rewarding, appreciative valentine of your own: a Promotion.

Everyone sends text messages and emails to their own friends and family on February 14th to show they care; you should do the same. Plus, our data shows that businesses who send a text, email, or mobile app Promotion through Fivestars see a 70% lift in store visits on or around the time a deal was sent – Sweet! 

With that, here are fourteen delightful promotions intended to drive visits and spike sales around Valentine’s Day. Be sure to mix and match rewards or offers based on your business. And remember, write promotions now, schedule them later. Let’s get started:

1. Early Bird Promotion

Adobe found that Valentine’s Day spending begins the week prior to February 14th. Send an offer in early February to capture those early birds searching for that special something in advance.

Promotional Offer: “25% off this week only!”

Occasion: “An offer for the early birds. Find that special something for Valentine’s Day now and save.”

2. Save the Week of Valentine’s Day Promotion

While Adobe found that Valentine’s Day spending starts the week before, it really spikes the week of and days leading up to the holiday. Run a promotion the week leading up to Valentine’s Day to give your customers a chance to take advantage of your offer. 

Promotional Offer: “Take $X off all [gift sets, menu items, candy, gift cards, services] This week only.”

Occasion: “Valentine’s Day is almost here!”

3. We Miss You Promotion – for Inactive Customers

Let’s face it, some customers leave and have a hard time finding their way back. It’s a fact of business life. However, there are several ways to reach out and spark interest in those people once again. Be sure to send these promotions to your Inactive customer group in Fivestars, found under Campaigns and Promotions in your dashboard.

Promotional Offer: “Buy a coffee, get a pastry on us”

Occasion: “Happy Valentine’s Day! We miss seeing you around.”

4. Thanks for Being VIP Promotion 

Consider creating status tiers within your loyalty program and sending offers for those members specifically. According to eMarketer, surveys found that, aside from free products and discounts, customers want elevated status, exclusive access to sales, and higher service out of a loyalty program. Send this offer to your VIP customer group found under Promotions in your Fivestars dashboard.

Promotional Offer: “Free upgrade to [premium item],” or “Get X for the price of X for our VIPs this week only”

Occasion: “A sweet treat for our VIPs only – Thanks for being one of our best!”

5. Get Something for Them and You Promotion

This promotion gives customers the opportunity to save on a gift for their loved ones, and do something nice for themselves, too. Plus, it encourages more spend per visit. 

Occasion: “Buy a $20 gift card and get 1 item 50% off for you” or “Buy one X, get one free” 

Promotional Offer: “It’s Valentine’s Day! You deserve something, too.”

6. Anti-Valentine’s Day Promotion

Not everybody likes Valentine’s Day. Send a promotion to give your customer a good laugh and encourage them to come in, even if they’re not celebrating the “holiday.”

Promotional Offer: “Get double points all week except Feb 14th”

Occasion: “Red hearts? Ugh. Candy? Gross. Roses? Lame! Come in and celebrate anything but Valentine’s Day.”

7. Let’s Party! (Event) Promotion

Promotions aren’t just for marketing your products, they’re also a great way to let your customers know about events. If you’re having a special night, a trunk sale, happy hour, live music, or any other event, make sure your customers know.

Promotional Offer: “50% off wine, beer, and sweets”

Occasion: “Valentine’s Day is sweet, happy hour’s sweeter. Come by this Friday 4-7pm”

8. Thanks for Joining Promotion – for New Members

Send an offer to your newest loyalty members and/or customers to remind them to visit once again. Find your New loyalty members under Promotions in your dashboard.

Promotional Offer: “$1 item!”

Occasion: “Thanks for joining! Here’s a Valentine’s Day treat: Get [enter most popular item] for only $1!”

9. Not All Roses & Candy Promotion 

Even if your store isn’t traditionally suited for Valentine’s Day, you can and should still take advantage of this holiday. Highlight your products as a great alternative to the standard Valentine’s Day gifts.

Promotional Offer: “25% off everything until Feb 14th”

Occasion: “Bike lights, U-locks, and helmets, oh my! Give the gift of bike safety this Valentine’s Day”

10. Say a Secret Phrase Promotion

Want to engage with your customers more? Find a fun, non-intrusive or embarrassing phrase or code customers need to say in exchange or an offer. Additionally, the interaction will encourage new sign-ups when others observe this and want to participate as well.

Promotional Offer: “Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” and get $3 off all salads, smoothies & treats!”

Occasion: “Happy Valentine’s Day to you :)”

11. Nothing to Do with Valentine’s Day

Doesn’t make sense for your business to send a Valentine’s Day promotion? Make a joke of this, and still take advantage of this shopping weekend.

Promotional Offer: “Get double points this weekend, just because.”

Occasion: “This has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. We just want to do something nice.”

12. Share the Love Promotion

Encourage customers to come in with a friend, and/or refer that friend to your loyalty program with a reward.

Promotional Offer: “BOGO 50% off (equal or less value).” or “Buy one, get one free”

Occasion: “Be our Valentine? Bring in a friend and save.”

13. Last-Minute Gift Promotion

Many people wait until the last minute to get their Valentine’s Day gifts. Take advantage of this and remind them that you’re a great solution to this problem!

Promotional Offer: “Get a free X with purchase”

Occasion: “Valentine’s Day is here! Did you wait ’till the last minute? We’re your go-to spot.”

14. Post Valentine’s Day Promotion

Promotions don’t have to end with Valentine’s Day. Be sure to continue using the Promotions feature to increase customer visits and spending.

Promotional Offer: “Take $5 off your purchase of $20+”

Occasion: “Valentine’s Day is over, but we’re still sharing the love.”

Your promotions not only show customers how much you appreciate them, but create a great opportunity to get them in the door this Valentine’s Day. Have questions or your own unique ideas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And most importantly, log into your dashboard now, and schedule one of these promotions today.

Rachael Blumenthal
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Rachael Blumenthal

Rachael is a Senior Account Manager at Fivestars and spends her day supporting small business owners and promoting local industry. She loves yoga, travel, and playing with all the office dogs!

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