13 Tools Businesses Can Use to Communicate with Customers

13 Tools Businesses Can Use to Communicate with Customers

How do you communicate with your customers? Do you chat with them while they’re in your store, send an email once in a while or text them coupons? Communication keeps customers engaged and educated, which sparks repeat business.

Research shows customers want to communicate with brands, with 38 percent saying they’d like new product updates, 37 percent want personalized promotions, 29 percent want to be asked to receive alerts on their phone and 27 percent want brands to offer help before a problem comes up.

To help you communicate with customers, we’ve compiled a list of 13 apps or tools you can use to reach out to customers and do things like chat via text, collect feedback, schedule appointments and arrange meetings.

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Speak directly with customers

1. SmartSuite

Text your customers, send digital receipts and create personalized ads for your customers using SmartSuite. This set of tools collects customer data, which is easily accessible for businesses to use, analyze and interpret to improve sales.

2. OwnerListens

Let your customers send messages to your business using their mobile device, then respond in real time to thank them or offer assistance. Your dashboard allows you to view all messages in one location, which is accessible from any browser.

3. Fivestars

Reward your customers by setting up a loyalty program that gives you the ability to communicate directly with your customers. Schedule and send promotions to specific customers, set up automatic offers based on customer visit behavior and birthday, and analyze customer data to learn more about the people that love your business.

Feedback tools

4. Mention

Your customers are talking about you. They might leave a message on a discussion board, post a review online or write a message on social media. With so many channels, it’s almost impossible to monitor what customers are saying about your business. By using Mention, you’ll get real time updates when customers talk about your business online. Read the comments and respond to customers right from the app.

5. Cake

Specifically for restaurants, this tool helps you seat guests and collect comments and concerns from customers. Customers get texts when their table is ready, and can leave a discreet review of their service after their meal.

Customer service tools

6. Realtime

Communicate with customers when they need help by using Realtime. This handy tool allows a customer to share their computer screen with you, creating a “co-browsing experience.” It’s ideal for software companies, or businesses that sell items online.

7. LiveAgent

Resolve customer problems in a snap with LiveAgent. This tool provides a variety of features to help you identify and solve problems for your customers. From live chat to social media support, you can customize LiveAgent to fit your business model and handle complaints quickly.

8. Dezide

Billed as a “guided troubleshooting solution,” the app lets you create FAQs and knowledge bases to use as self-service tools for customers on your website, or for customer service reps to use when customers need assistance. Step-by-step directions can include videos, images and built-in search.

9. Toonimo

Want to help customers get more out of your website? Create a concierge-like experience to guide visitors through your site, showing them how to use specific products, navigate the site or complete an online form using animated graphics and human voice.

Scheduling tools

10. Bookafy

Does your business run on appointments? Cut back on customer wait times, phone tag and answering emails or calls by letting your clients book, cancel, reschedule and pay for appointments with this scheduling software. You can even send automated confirmation messages through texts.

11. Pro Business Tools

If your business sends technicians out to help customers, you’ll love Pro Business Tools. Businesses can arrange technicians by coverage area, expertise and availability, and give customers the power to book time with a technician that meets their needs.

Virtual meeting tools

12. GoToMeeting

Do you work with clients or vendors around the world? You can host virtual meetings online with GoToMeeting. You can use video or audio meetings, as well as group chats with customers when multiple players need to be present. It offers recordings for those who can’t be in the meeting, as well as the ability to screen share documents, photos and video clips.

13. Doodle

Can’t find the time virtually meet with your customers? Use Doodle. Clients select several available blocks of time and Doodle notifies everyone of a time that works for every participant. It integrates with calendars too, making it an easy tool to add to your arsenal.


What tools do you use to communicate with your customers? Is there an app or a tool that you can’t live without? How has it helped your business? Share your experience with others in the comment section below.

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