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Tenn’Tastic Cutz Barbershop & Salon Fivestars

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Located near ATL, Tenn’Tastic Cutz Barbershop & Salon approaches cutting and styling fine and ethnic hair like a scientific art. With the variety of services they offer – weave care and installation, grey coverage, hair relaxer, flat-ironing, shear tailored haircuts, and dread care & maintenance – Tenn’Tastic Cutz Barbershop & Salon is a neighborhood go-to.

Owner Taleem Mandinka #LovesLocal and opened his business in 2015 specifically to serve his community, which previously faced a lack of quality hair and beauty options. He wanted to make sure his community had the best options available to them when it came to their hair. Mandinka wants his clients to enjoy the “duality of looking and feeling good” by maintaining a neat and tasteful atmosphere where comfort is the top priority.

The employees at Tenn’Tastic Cutz ensure that each particular style that a client asks for aligns with their lifestyle and image. They do this through their impeccable attention to detail, and their pride in the end result of each hair service they give. The biggest challenge Mandinka faces as a business owner is “extending consistent value both as a customer and hair care service provider.”

Tenn’Tastic Cutz and Fivestars

Mandinka uses Fivestars as a “Get More, Pay Less” club, through which he provides exclusive rewards for his customers. He loves Fivestars because in addition to great customer retention and easy client communication, he enjoys offering a free gift with purchase with any haircut. What are his customers’ favorite rewards to redeem? The free hair line: instead of a natural hairline, Mandinka uses a sharp razor blade to line up the forehead, temples, and back into sharp lines and angles. Mandinka says he lives off the joy he experiences when he enhances a client’s self-esteem and image.

For those of you in the Atlanta area, be sure to get your hair serviced at Tenn’Tastic Cutz Barbershop & Salon if you want to look good and serve looks for a lifetime. Thank you, Taleem!

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