Suggested Promotions: The Proven Way to Increase Repeat Business

How to Use Suggested Promotions

Fortune 500 companies spend billions of dollars each year to create effective marketing messages. In fact, according to emarketer, businesses coughed up $50 billion dollars last year on digital marketing advertising efforts.

In addition, big box businesses employ large marketing and analyst teams to research and write statistically successful promotions. How’s a small business supposed to compete? You’re in luck, because here at Fivestars, we’ve done the research, analysis, and writing for you (and for free).

Our current promotions tool allows you to send offers and deals through a variety of channels (email, text, or mobile app). Our latest feature, Suggested Promotions, provides promotion ideas and messaging, proven to increase store visits by 70 percent.

We analyzed over 3 million promotions from Fivestars merchants to determine which offers drove the most in-store visits. We took this data, created customized promotions, and placed them in your dashboard to send in one click. Now you’ll know, with confidence, the messages you’re sending are the best messages for your customers, every time.

Want to see Suggested Promotions in action? Watch the video below:

Whether you send a promotion every week, or you’re dying to try it, now’s the best time to see just how powerful this communication tool can be. Send a Suggested Promotion from your dashboard today.

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Kacy Gaydos
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Kacy Gaydos

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