One Step To Motivate Your Employees

Now that you have found the right people, interviewed, and trained your new employees, how can you make sure they are productive and continually give great customer service?

Give your employees purpose. 

Think back to when you first opened your small business. Or when you first received the keys, and the business became officially yours. What was your initial dream or goal? To create a cool place to bring friends and enjoy the best frozen yogurt. To make buying clothes locally feel like shopping right off a runway show. To bring families together again with games and activities that are actually fun for everyone. Remind your employees that vision for your business. Be the prime example of that vision, post it on the wall, and encourage them to contribute to the greater goal in their own unique ways.

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But how does this keep employees motivated to work? When employees feel that their work has meaning, they are more committed and engaged while on the job. Remember: This isn’t just good for your employees, it’s good for your customers too. When your employees are really dedicated to serving the customer, because they feel that there is a bigger goal in mind, the customer will always have a better experience.

What ways do you use to motivate your employees? Please share your stories in the comments.

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