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Chama's Dog Wash EmployeeNote: As part of a regular, we’ll take a look at some of our clients who have achieved success with our one-stop loyalty reward program. We’ve seen proven results for some time – now, we’d like to share them with you to give you a better idea of how implementing our program can help you acquire, grow, and retain your customer base and ultimately, improve your business.

Customer Profile

Name: Chama’s Dog Wash & Wellness San Diego (Chama’s Facebook Page)
Business Type: Dog Grooming and Pet Supplies
Location: San Diego, California

Background: A doggy bathhouse and retail store with a wariness towards rewards programs

Chama's Dog Wash In StoreI could have given you a little bit of background on Chama’s, but why do that when the co-owner, Sarah Lester, can articulate it so much better!

I bought a holistic dog food and grooming spa in San Diego in September. At the time, the store profit was only $50-$150 a day… which was pathetic. After researching all of the customer loyalty/rewards programs out there I finally settled on Fivestars. I personally am not a fan of rewards programs, so I am picky when it comes to how it is used, the ease of it, and the incentive options. I wanted it to be easy for my customers to use, and want to use.

Vincent, my [Fivestars Loyalty Consultant], was very knowledgeable and treated me like the DM that I am. I am a hard sale and a national sales trainer. I let him know right off the bat, I’ve already done my research, I don’t need to be value sold. I need the meat and potatoes and hard numbers of the program. He complied and gave me exactly what I asked for and his training was very thorough.

Goals: Sign up every customer to a loyalty program. Every. Single. One.

Immediately, I started signing every person who walked through my doors on the Fivestars program, even if they didn’t buy anything because my program was set up with a 10% discount if the customer returned in the first 14 days (which I would tell them.)

My pitch for Fivestars to my customers is: “When you buy stuff you get points and when you get points you get discounts. It’s also accepted at several locations, and if you don’t have your card, no problem! Just drop your number and get your points” <— I never get a ‘no’!

Results: Daily profits increased over 5X

In the first month of using the program, I had 100 people signed up. In the first week of the use of the Fivestars program, I noticed a dramatic increase in my profits.

Since my sign up date of October 19th, my business profits have increased from $50-$150 a day to $400-$800 a day! Every customer who comes in uses the card like it’s candy and has stopped purchasing items elsewhere because of the incentives we offer. The card paid for itself in the first month and continues to pay for itself!

I also must add, I had an employee who failed to sign people up in the last few weeks of December. And as a result, in the first few weeks of January, I noticed an immediate profit drop. The profit drop chart on my P.O.S. system directly reflected the amount of new customer sign ups charted on Fivestars. I am a serious numbers person so these are things I would notice, which is how I can honestly say this program is directly tied in with my profits.

Did I mention I do NO ADVERTISING AT ALL? Yes, no advertising, and my grooming shop is busy every day, my retail has picked up tremendously, and the business has made a complete turn around!

Chama's Dog Wash Fivestars Testimonial

Expectations = Exceeded

Many of my grooming clients are also business owners, and I hand them my Fivestars [Loyalty Consultant’s] business card. If I ever need anything at all, he is there and by “there” I mean he shows up to my shop with coffee for me and handles what I need done.

Once, I had an issue with the technical part of the program, my scanner wasn’t working and a lot of my customers were upset. I call the customer support line and they had my issue fixed in no time at all. (Thank you Serge!!!!)

All in all, if you ask me if I am a satisfied customer, I would say yes! If you ask me if I would refer any other business to Fivestars I would say yes!

I’m a very strong believer in what the program has done for my business. I feel others should know that if the program is used correctly, it’ll increase your profits. I am great at keeping my clients loyal to me, however, with the Fivestars card and software itself, they come back more often and that’s what I needed. For any up start business who has a limited advertising budget this program would help them tremendously.”


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