7 DIY Sites to Make Amazing Marketing Materials

7 DIY Sites to Make Amazing Marketing Materials

Every business needs marketing materials, but printing costs can add up. To keep marketing budgets in check, many business owners turn to do-it-yourself websites to design and print materials on their own.

Whether you’re in need of business cards, an outside banner or a little company swag for an upcoming tradeshow, here’s a list of DIY sites that can produce the kind of high quality materials you’re looking for:

1. Vistaprint

This site not only has name recognition, but it’s also a fan favorite. While it’s best known for printing business cards, the site offers just about every kind of marketing material you can think of. From post cards to outdoors banners, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for on the site.

Perks: It’s easy to navigate, you can usually find discount codes to save a few extra bucks and the site has a reputation for fast shipping.

Cons: Not the place to go for company swag, and isn’t well known for its larger marketing materials like banners.

2. MOO

Odd name? Yes. However, this printing site is getting quite a reputation for its high quality products. It offers smaller materials like business cards and post cards that are a bit more expensive than what you’d find on a site like Vistaprint, but the site pushes quality over quantity.

Perks: Owners can visit “inspiration pages” to get a little design help.

Cons: Business owners should expect higher prices and limited inventory.

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3. 24HourWristbands.com

If you’re tired of buying pens and potato chip clips to giveaway at tradeshows, you should check out 24HourWristbands.com. Yes, they sell wristbands like those below, but they specialize in not-so-typical company swag. You can find can coolers, hand fans and temporary tattoos on the site.


Perks: Business owners have unusual marketing items to chose from and there’s live support, in case you need design help.

Cons: Product selection is limited.

4. Sticker Mule

If you’re in the market for promotional stickers, Sticker Mule is your best bet. This niche marketing site focuses on one basic product – as you may have guessed. It offers free shipping and boasts a fast turnaround for online proofs.

Perks: Big name companies like Google and Nike have used the site, and it’s simple to use.

Cons: Product selection is limited.

5. LogoUp

Business owners searching for a site to buy company apparel should check out LogoUp. Whether you’re looking to print dozens of t-shirts to giveaway, or want to outfit your staff with professional polos, this site has you covered.

Upload your logo, tweak the design and LogoUp will send you a proof via email.

Perks: There are lots of affordable options to chose from, and the support staff behind the site is responsive to inquiries.

Cons: Have reasonable expectations for quality based on the price you pay.

6. Signs.com

If you want something a little more creative than a basic banner, look at the options on Signs.com. This site offers unique window decals, vehicle decals, sandwich boards, aluminum signs and floor signs, like the one featured below, that break the tradition canvas banner mold.


Perks: Cool inventory to check out with templates to help owners make designs that are eye-catching.

Cons: The website is fairly basic and navigation isn’t as user-friendly as other DIY sites.

7. Half Price Banners

If you’re in need of larger marketing materials like outdoor signs or retractable signs, you can check out Half Price Banners. The site boasts quality banners at affordable prices, and is one of few resources that specialize in bigger pieces.

Perks: Business owners can create their banner with an online editor, and most are printed and shipped within 24 hours of approval.

Cons: The website is a little elementary, as are the DIY tools to create your design.

Wrap up

With these seven resources, you can print the marketing materials needed to promote your product or service. To save additional money, be sure to print the materials you need early. Prices increase quickly if you have to rush the shipping process.

You should also sign up for the company’s email list to take advantage of special deals and coupons.

Do you have a go-to website for marketing materials? Feel free to suggest your favorites in the comment section below.

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