4 Steps to Building a Great Team For Your Small Business

Your employees play a huge part in earning your customers’ repeat business. Their enthusiasm, friendliness, and genuine helpfulness can make a customer experience so great that a customer won’t want to visit anywhere else. On the flip slide, an employee’s bad attitude or apathy towards customers can send people directly to your competitor.

So let’s make sure your team is on the right track to helping you build a loyal customer base for your small business. In our new guide, we put together these four steps to get you on your way to giving your staff a boost by finding the right people off the bat, training well, and having a great example to follow.


Angela Prilliman
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Angela Prilliman

Angela is a Fivestars writer, designer, and illustrator extraordinaire. When she’s not crafting up marketing assets, she loves to doodle and overshare on her increasingly popular Instagram, @heyitsheli.

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