3 Quick Promotion Ideas for Memorial Day 2015

Summer Promotion Ideas

Summer is around the corner and brings a perfect mix of warm weather, long days, and holidays that can serve as a huge launching point for your business’s growth. Memorial Day is coming up in a couple weeks, so I put together some new promotion ideas to help boost your sales during the holiday weekend.

We’ve found that sending the right promotion over the right messaging channel can quadruple your holiday sales. One client of ours went from $2000 in Black Friday sales to $7500 the next year just by sending a timely promotion! Choose one of the promotions below, send it to your customers, and watch the traffic come in!

1. Send an initial promotion or announcement today.

Example: “Celebrate Memorial Day weekend at [your business name] and enjoy 50% off one item. Offer valid until the end of day on 5/24, so don’t miss it!”

2. Send a reminder/time-sensitive promotion or announcement on Friday, May 22.

Example: “Don’t forget to celebrate Memorial Day with us this weekend – Get 50% off one item. Expires 5/25/15.”

3. Send a rewarding promotion or announcement the morning of Monday, May 25.

Example: “Happy Memorial Day! We want to reward you, our most loyal customers,* with 1 free item with purchase. Valid today only.”

*Send this to your VIP customer group–save the biggest promotion for them!*

Sending timely promotional campaigns to your customers can be one of the biggest drivers to your business’s success. In order to do that, make sure you do these three things first:

  1. Get a list of your customers’ emails, mobile numbers, and names
  2. Reach out to that customer list to drive loyalty and more in-store foot traffic
  3. Track how successful your promotional campaigns are (i.e. promotion redemptions) and iterate!

If you need an easy way to send these promotions to your customers, Fivestars has a promotions tool that allows you to send your customers messages via text, email, and mobile app notifications. The merchant I mentioned earlier said this about using our messaging tools: “We did $2000 last Black Friday and $7500 this year. The ONLY thing we did differently was use Fivestars and their promotions system. It’s been phenomenal.” Check out the Fivestars website to get a free demo.

Login to your dashboard and send a promotion now!

Can’t wait to hear your campaigns go!


Angela Prilliman
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Angela Prilliman

Angela is a Fivestars writer, designer, and illustrator extraordinaire. When she’s not crafting up marketing assets, she loves to doodle and overshare on her increasingly popular Instagram, @heyitsheli.

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